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Nail Polish

Nail Tek Cuticle Eraser 15ml

Removes Cuticles In Seconds 


Nail Tek Cuticle Oil Renew 14.3ml

Healthy cuticle for all nail types 


Nail Tek Extra Strengthener 4 15ml

For weak , damaged nails 


Nail Tek High Shine Top Coat 15ml

Top coat for all nail types 


Nail Tek Hydrating Base Top Coat 15ml

2 in 1 Moisturizing Base & Top Coat 


Nail Tek Hydration Therapy Hydrate 2 15ml

Moisturizing Strengthener For Soft,... 


Nail Tek Hydration Therapy Hydrate 3 15ml

Moisturizing Strengthener For Hard... 


Vitry 6 Wooden Cuticle Pusher

Cuticle Pusher 

$6(-) $5.4

Vitry Nail Care Anti Bite Nail Varnish -10ml

Anti Bite Nail Polish treatment 

$16.67(-) $15

Vitry Nail Care Ceramic Nail File

Ceramic nail File 

$12(-) $10.8

Vitry Nail Care Lacquer Drying Drops 2in1 -10ml

Fast Drying Top Coat Drops 

$15.33(-) $13.8

Vitry Nail Care Repair Matte Treatment 10ml

Nail Repair - Matte finish Free 2... 

$17.6(-) $14.4

Vitry Nail Care Whitening CC Base 10ml

Brighter natural look 

$14(-) $12.6
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